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Meet the Family

We have been a family business for over 50 years, but of course a family for even longer! Get to know more about us. From the sweet Grandmother, the tea-loving peaceful mother, to the hilarious "pops", to the adventurous sister, the old soul musician brother, and last but not least, the active artist which would be the youngest brother! Together along with a knowledgeable, friendly team we create The Little Capistrano Bike Shop! Come in and be a part of our family.

Summer Beach


"Youngest Brother"


Hey! I'm Alex, when I'm not working on bikes I love to paint artwork and spend time with my dog!I have worked at the bike shop for over 10 years and I really enjoy water sports and biking. I'd love for the opportunity to be your bike mechanic! Thanks for taking the time to get know the family and I. Hope to see you soon!

*Get to know more about Alex or see more of his artwork by visiting his Art website!


"The Sister"

cassie prof_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Hi!! I'm Casandra, also known as Cassie to my brothers, and i love to laugh! Also, I love working at the bike shop you can usually find me at our "sister" shop in Wellfleet! I love to create crafts and other home made art inspired items! Toodles!


"The older brother"

josh prof_edited_edited.jpg

Josh here! How are ya!? I'm happy to say I am the Head of mechanics at the bike shop.  I love fixing bikes and have been for almost 30 years! Also, I sell Christmas tree's in the winter time at the bike shop. I consider myself and old soul with a strong passion for music. Come watch me play music around Cape Cod!

*To learn more about Josh and his music visit his music website!

dad prof_edited_edited.jpg



"Welcome! After working in the school district for 34 years, now having the oppurtinity to work full time with my children means everything to me.  My wife and I often love to go for a morning bike ride down to the beach! I also enjoy woodworking, building puzzles, and fishing. The family and I hope to meet you soon!

*To Learn more about Pops, visit his Woodworking website!


"The Mother"

Hello! I love running the family business on peaceful Cape Cod. I am so grateful to have being doing this for over 30 years with my loving family, Thank you all so much for supporting us for generations! I love to have tea parties and my favorite show is "The Waltons" it reminds me of a simpler time! Life is a beautiful ride! I hope i get to know more about you soon!



"Shop Dog"

*Bark* Hi, I'm Theo! I love to run around the family property and preform tricks for treats! Although I am pretty new to the bike shop, I'd say I am doing a great job so far! I am so happy to be a part of this family and to be united with Alex! Find me at our Eastham location while Alex is working! I hope to meet you soon! *Bark*

We appreciate you.

Thank you for getting to know the family!

Alex, Josh, Casandra, Mark, Melissa, and Theo hope to see you soon!

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