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The Cape Cod Rail Trail

The Cape Cod Rail trail is the most popular and best-known bike trail on Cape Cod!  This flat paved bike trail will take you on a memorable ride no matter what you are looking for. Also, it's perfect for your family fun for a casual bike ride on Cape Cod! Or of course, go the distance on The Cape Cod Rail trail with over 50 miles of trails round trip!

What a view! Want to see a variety of Cape Cod? This bike trail will take you through over X towns to explore with much to do along the way! You will pass by beautiful nature landmarks filled with nature scenes, calming birds chirping, and the unforgettable feeling of that Cape Cod breeze as you ride by places such as Marconi Beach, Marconi Station, ponds, marsh, the cozy village of Orleans, nature filled Nickerson St. Park, cape cod- cranberry bogs, many places to have a delicious lunch, perhaps seafood.. sandwiches.. or reward yourself with yummy ice cream and coffee along the way and more!

A fun fact about this bike trail is that is use to be the bed of rail road tracks traveling through Cape Cod!

The Cape Cod Rail Trail easily connects w/the trails including the one below (when you're in Eastham on the trail, just look for the brown sign that says National Seashore Center), Nickerson St. Park Trail and the Chatham Cape Cod Rail Trail Extension. You can turn around at any point on The Cape Cod Rail Trail. This spring the construction of this path to go a little further north of S. Wellfleet was started and is hoped to be finished by the Spring of 2022. The Cape Cod Rail Trail is many times refered to as the "Bike Path" and is an easy way to get a round on the Lower Cape. Biking The Cape Cod Rail Trail is a wonderful way to spend a day on Cape Cod!

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The Nauset National Seashore Bike Trail

The Nauset National Seashore Trail is one of the most beautiful and picturesque bike rides in New England. A gentle path takes you to the amazing shore, passing through the relaxing woods, by the historical Doane Rock, where you will find a cozy picnic area. Then, breeze by Nauset Marsh, what a site to behold! Finish it off by cruising to the award-winning Coast Guard Beach at the end, what a reward! Make sure you spend some time at the Beach!

If you want a short, beautiful ride, this is the trail for you! The trail is 1.6 miles each way, for a 3.2-mile round trip to the Beach and back to the shop! For a longer ride it easily connects with The Cape Cod Rail Trail. The Nauset National Seashore Trail is a fabulous way to bike and enjoy the Cape Cod National Seashore. There is so much to see on short bike trail it is definitely worth the ride it is so beautiful!

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