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Community & Environment

We take pride in helping the community and the environment. We recycle bicycles, plastic, rubber, metal, cardboard, glass, tin, just about everything we can! We help local people and charities in need by donating to fundraisers or by recycling bicycles and giving them to local kids or adults in need. We've donated an item, money or time to: Eastham Windmill Weekend, The Eastham Historical Society, Wellfleet Playground Fundraiser, The Eastham Elementary School & Recreation, Nauset Newcommers, Wellfleet Mass Appeal, Nauset Early Childhood Development School, Live for Lou Fund, Emerald Horse Farm Fundraiser, The PMC Cancer Benefit Bike Ride, Best Buddies Bike Ride, Eastham Chamber Golf Fundraiser Scholarship Tournament, VR’s Wellfleet Golf Fundraiser Tournament, Wellfleet What Theater, Lower Cape Outreach, Friends of The Cape Cod Rail Trail, The Wellfleet Porch Festival, The Eastham Chamber of Commerce, The Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce and other great causes. We believe, if we all work together and help each other and the environment - we can make a difference!

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